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Life, or death?

Yin, or yang?

Fire, or water?

Creation..? or destruction?

((Welcome to Sei's blog~))

((Mun is 18, willing to try her hand at rping anything, and so far has no specific rules))

((M!A: Sei's skin is super duper slippery until 8/1/14))

that-other-masculine-devil replied to your post “ooc; life goals”

Split both of these things 50/50 and I’ll help you achieve these goals

(( you’ve got yourself a deal, friend. but the Right boot is all mine. you get the left one. 


wow it’s already past 2 pm and this is all I’ve done today… _( :3 / z)

(( -fuck mink’s boots. like literally fuck his shoes. god that is some sexyass footwear

- hijack Virus and Trip’s house. that is a fucking nice house

- that’s all so far

Aries: Aoba
Taurus: Mizuki
Gemini: Noiz
Cancer: Mink
Leo: Clear
Virgo: Haruka Seragaki
Libra: Naine Seragaki
Scorpio: Koujaku
Sagittarius: Ren
Capricorn: Tae Seragaki
Aquarius: Trip
Pisces: Virus


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Nickname: None in particular, aside from littlebirdaoba calling me Nugget Lady
Birthday:  February 29, 1996
Gender: Female
Sexuality: *shrug* if i’m attracted to you, then that’s that. 

Height: 170cm

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time 
What time & date it is there: 5:36PM
What time & date it would be in Antarctica:  don’t know don’t particularly care
Average hours of sleep I get each night: Well since it’s summer, i try to get between 10-12 hours
RL OTP: Me + my crush, CARMANUEL (Carmen and Emanuel, friends from my class)
Other OTPs: RinHaru (or HaruRin b/c let’s face it, Rin is such a bottom), LeviHan, any and every dmmd pairing possible, TORIBENI HELL YEA, KawoShin…I really ship anything and everything okay i will literally see any two people or characters together and just be like “i ship it”

The last thing I Google’d was: full body Mink sprites so i can admire those sexyass boots
My most used phrase/s: “what” “your face” “how about no” “FUCK”
First word that comes to mind: fuck
What I last said to a family member: ”Can we stop at Vons, i’m out of shampoo”
One place that makes me happy and why: Any place in southern California b/c great weather and it isn’t fucking Fresno
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 sheet, 1 comforter, with my leg sticking out and the fan on.
Favourite beverage: water, Earl Grey tea

The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Three things I can’t live without: my lappytop, wifi, something to read, something to write on, running water… etc.
Something I plan on learning: how to drive, how to adult, how to cook a fancy meal so i can cook when i have guests
A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t let tumblr consume your life, kids

You all have to listen to this song: “Starring Role” by Marina and the Diamonds. Think of half of your otp singing this to the other. cry a little. 

My blog/s: this one (ourlordandseivior), missmallorymarie (personal), grell-not-so-subtle-cliff (Grell RP blog), am-i-my-senpais-keeper (Nitori Aiichirou RP blog)

I tag: headstrongpredatortwosidesofthemirror, touescaptiveprincess, skeletaltwin, sassybluesly, and anyone who wants to do this

do not feel obligated to do this it’s just for funsies, yeah? <3


i think i solved it!

jackie-also-koujackie said: If Mama Koujackie was Sei-hime's girlfriend, it would be so precious~ I would wake you up every morning with breakfast. We'd go for walks and enjoy the sunshine. I'd take you to the zoo all the time, because your face is just SO CUTE when you're looking at animals. I'd brush your perfect raven hair every night. I'd tuck you in and read you fairy tales. I'd hold you in my arms as you slept, and hum you lullabies BECAUSE SEI IS SO IMPORTANT ffffffffff!!!!!

If I was your boy/girlfriend…finish in my ask.

"Well, so far, you definitely have a better chance than Noiz. When would you like to have our first date, then?" 


Hey guys! I finished making these three DMMd theme T-Shirts! My favorite out of them has to be Koujakus, I plan on making ones similar to his for all the guys and their all mates (Clear will have a jellyfish)! This also gave me an excuse to put on Koujaku and Noiz again.

(( that’s it

that’s fucking it.

i am going to fuck mink’s shoes and you cannot stop me